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BOBCARD Gold is affiliated with MasterCard International & valid throughout the world. It is globally accepted over 70 million locations and more than 1 million ATMs worldwide. BOBCARD presents these premium cards to offer its gratitude to the High Net worth Individuals. Exclusively designed, these cards are packed with great features and benefits. So, get your Gold MasterCard today and be a part of the evolution.

Its features offer you the freedom you deserve and the convenience you desire. Not to mention the extra benefit of insurance it offers -Accidental Insurance. What's more, you can withdraw cash up to 20% of credit limit from ATM's. 

Individual : Annual income of Rs. 2,50,000 or more.

Revolving credit : Rs. 50,000 (The company reserves the rights to issue cards with  lower limits)
  Details on Internal Limits Click Here
. Cash withdrawal: 20% of credit limit.
. Service charge on revolving credit limit : 2.5% (i.e. 30% APR)
Service charge on Cash withdrawal : 2.5% or Rs.100 whichever is higher

Service Charge on ATM Cash withdrawal : 2.5% or min. Rs.100(Domestic), 3% or min. Rs.150(Abroad).
. Insurance : Free accidental insurance of Rs.1,00,000, In case of air-accident Rs. 5,00,000. ** 
. Insurance facility not available on add-on cards.

. Minimum payment Due Amount - It Increases Due to not regular payment of dues.
. Fuel Surcharge waiver applicable on all transactions between Rs.250 & Rs.2000

Bucket (Months Overdue) Min. Payment Due Amt
0-1 5% OF Outstanding Balance
2-3  10%OF Outstanding Balance
4-6 15%OF Outstanding Balance
7-12 25%OF Outstanding Balance

Comprehensive monthly statements.

Bonus Points - Every Rs.100/- spent 1 bonus point will be credited (Other than Cash Withdrawal and Petrol Transactions) 

FEES: Membership / Joining Fees - Rs.500/- Renewal Fee for principle card Rs.1000/-* Add-on :free upto 3 add-ons

Late Payment Charges Rs.100/-
Cheque Return Charges (w.r.t. chq. amt) 2% or min. Rs.200/-

No Renewal Fee For Next Year (w.e.f. 01-Oct-2013)*
1.Minimum usage of Rs. 25,000 on card in a year.
2.Regular minimum payment - In case of irregularity of payment of 2 consecutive months, 
   the card account would be considered as default; hence this offer would stand withdrawn.

** In newly Issued & Renewed cards only Personal Accident Insurance facility will be provided to the cardholders w.e.f. 1st July, 2009

a) Income proof : IT Form 16/IT return/ Salary Slip
b) Address proof
c) Photograph
d) Copy of PAN card
e) Min. 3 months Bank Statement
(All documents to be self attested)* All documents to be verified from nearest Bobcards Area Office / Bank of Baroda Branch 

In case of account holders of Bank of Baroda, submission of the application through the concerned branch of Bank of Baroda is recommended for expeditious processing of application.  

(Issuance only in BOBCARDS serviceable areas as per the network of area offices)

1st of every month, a bill will be sent to the cardholder at his/her given address for making payments on or before the due date mentioned in the bill.



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